I'm Michael Donohoe and I think about, then build (or sometimes break) web things.

Product & web dev, father, former Brooklynite, with zero Irish accent. Director of Product Engineering at The New Yorker, previously launched Quartz from Atlantic Media - and back in the day software dev and Senior Product Engineer for The New York Times.

My work has been featured one way or another on The New York Times, Apple.com, Google, TechCrunch, Fast Company, GigaOm, The Atlantic Wire, MacWorld, Read Write Web, NiemanLab, Smashing Magazine, Life Hacker, and others. I've only ever received one two Cease & Desists and hope to collect more.

The best way to say Hello is on Twitter @donohoe. You can also find me on Hacker News, Google+, Dribbble, Stack Overflow, GitHub, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or email.

The New Yorker

Migration to WordPress, re-platform, redesign, and all whole bunch of loose strings. More in the works.

    Talk: Hidden APIs of The New York Times

    A quick talk of some hidden data sources and features within the depths of the NYT website.

      Joined The New Yorker

      New role as Product Engineering Director for The New Yorker

        New Yorker Quotes

        Checks hourly for Quotes within The New Yorker, and made available via the wonders of Tumblr and Twitter. PHP + YQL + OAuth + Tumblr/Twitter API

          Talk: Deep-link to Anything on the Web

          One client-side way do dynamically deep-link to changing content on the web


            The future is almost upon us - where is our hoverboard?

              Romney Unlikes (2012)

              An amazing phenomena to observe - rare to see a Facebook page with critical mass of users and observable stream of Unlikes as people move on.


                Clear any web page of almost everything - except the text. Drag the bookmarklet (below) to your Bookmarks Bar.


                  Quartz, launching later this year, is a new kind of business news venture for the new global economy.

                    The Deck (2011)

                    "Collect and share your favorite web videos and watch them anywhere."


                      Light-weight, cross-browser, framework independent, script to allow cross-domain requests in Javascript.

                        Hacker Views

                        Mini-web app using JSON with text preview (Readability) of Hacker News website - regenerated every hour

                          The Last Word

                          The last line of the last paragraph. Plays with Dropbox and NYTimes json feeds.

                            Talk: Nose to Tail

                            A presentation on unknown & obscure public data sources on NYTimes.com for their Hack Day

                              Seattle Sky

                              (On hiatus) An continuous snapshot archive of the Seattle sky throughout the day, every day

                                Ochs (2011)

                                Ochs focuses on a less-is-more approach to NYTimes.com with new layout, UI, and treatments.

                                  readah.com (2011)

                                  Prototype of a iPad web app for full content, multiple source, reading application. Public demo is limited to Guardian content.

                                    Emphasis (2011)

                                    Originally built for NYTimes.com, it is now packaged into a Chrome extension so you can share and highlight passages on any web page.

                                      "Pictures" (2011)

                                      A prototype slideshow providing showing full sized photos from the Times. Optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

                                        Twitter Accounts

                                        The most fun is @nytalerts - just follow it, it will DM breaking NYT alerts which most clients notify you of immediately.

                                          Pinned Site with Internet Explorer 9 (2011)

                                          The new IE9 allows you to pin your website to the Task Bar. I covered a simple implementation for the NYTimes. Developed on an iPad.

                                            Emphasis (2010)

                                            A dynamic and flexible way to deep-link and highlight content.

                                              LENS - Blog Posts

                                              A HTML5 alternative to Flash on Blog Post pages for MobileSafari (and any other browser too). It also adds linking to individual slides using URL hash.

                                                Safari Extensions(2010)

                                                Two extensions, News updates and Breaking News, were built ahead of the launch of Apples extension gallery.

                                                  TimesOpen Events
                                                  2.0 & Hack Day (2010)

                                                  A series of talks by industry leaders, Twitter, Bitly, Facebook to Yahoo Research and our very own Hack Day.


                                                    Kittens make every web page better! Money back guarantee or your money back.

                                                      Gmail Gadget (2009)

                                                      The TimesPeople gadget can be used to show the general feed of actions happening across NYTimes, or you can specify your own activity feed and see what your friends are up to.

                                                        T Magazine Video (2009)

                                                        Video page for to Magazine, with listings and player using Brightcove API

                                                          TimesWire (2009)

                                                          A continuous stream of the latest articles and blog posts published on NYTimes.com.

                                                            Boxee Demo (2009)

                                                            A demo app on Boxee using Times video content.


                                                              Don't ask how or why but I started a Facebook Fan page for Megatron - then neglected it. It has over followers. No idea how.


                                                                A fun but short-lived experiment to provide NYTimes specific short URLs. It included a simple API and Bookmarklet.

                                                                  Etsy Star

                                                                  A simpler way to show and embed your favorite Seller's items from etsy.com.

                                                                    TimesPeople (2008)

                                                                    A way to recommend and share articles, videos, slideshows, and more with friends and readers. The service was discontinued by the NYT in 2011.

                                                                    Travel Redesign (2006)

                                                                    A complete redesign and rethink of the Travel section, adding tens-of-thousands of Guides, Venues & more.

                                                                      Times Open

                                                                      I write contributions to our Open blog as part of our Developer program.

                                                                        Rick Santorum