February 10, 2008

Google Gadget / TimesPeople

The TimesPeople gadget can be used to show the general feed of actions happening across NYTimes, or you can specify your own activity feed and see what your friends are up to.


While it works in iGoogle it is really the most fun to use with Gmail. Heres a quick install/setup guide:

Setup Gadget in Gmail

1. Log in to your Gmail account, click Settings (near top right) and click the "Labs" tab. Link

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says "Add any gadget by URL", click Enable and then 'Save Changes'

3. When you go back into Settings you'll now see the "Gadgets" tab. Click it. Link

4. Copy and Paste the link (posted above) where it says "Add a gadget by its URL" and click "Add"

Some Notes

- When adding your own feed you can either give it your nytimes id (not so easy), paste in your TimesPeople URL (http://timespeople.nytimes.com/view/user/37963625/activities.html) or the e-mail address you use with your account. From there it will blindly figure out the proper source for your feed.

- Providing your email address to locate your feed will mean reloading the page to see the change. This is my fault and a result of writing the code one way and then changing my mind on a whole slew of things and then creating one big mess.

- Multiple actions are grouped together so as to provide a better experience. However if person X recommended and article and person Y commented on it, it will be grouped. However I think its a workable trade-off

- The code will go through a HUGE overhaul in the near future as I re-write it from scratch. The current code was done in a hurry and it shows. Changes will be noted here.



In Brief

Michael Donohoe is a Brooklyn-based (web focused) developer from Ireland and does fun interweb things for The New York Times and fun non-work interweb things that are sometimes unrelated to The New York Times. photo of 620 8th Avenue New York, NY, 10018 USA microformats developer json php nyc

Sometimes he blogs on Open, but mostly it's just Twitter these days.

When not impossibly busy or referring to himself in the third person, he enjoys the rare glass of Green Spot, waging war in Inselkampf, microformats, and doting over his patient wife and new daughter.

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