Mining The New Yorker for Haikus

April 16th, 2016

To be fair, these are not properly formatted Haikus but they are fun to extract and search for.

This demo focuses on a current article from The New Yorker by pulling one from a JSON feed. However you can easily adapt this to any piece of text.

The main PHP file, haiku.php, can be viewed here:

There are a couple of additional functions in there that I use for Slack/HipChat integration and are unused right now.

If you follow the instructions in the at the top of the repo you can get this up and running quickly using the PHP debug server.

Visit: http://localhost:7020/haiku-finder/haiku.php (assuming you're running a local instance)

And revel in the amazingness (or not).

"Hargrove intends to \\ find them with his code which \\ he sometimes calls"

I should clean-up the response a bit better, perhaps as JSONP but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Pull Requests welcome.